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Havana, Trinidad, Forte, Varadero, … Four la

dies went on a road trip through Cuba – and always in best company of course: With the Maxime Bag. And this is how this Maxime Bag got to know a lot of new and interesting people, experienced the worlds’ best Mojitos, was held in many different hands and placed on very different spots. And the best thing was: It felt everything so natural! Natural in many senses…

The cuban women and men got enthusiastic about the Maxime bag. “Cartón”, “Cartón” you could hear from every direction. Maybe this is because the cuban women often work on handmade bags, cloths and handicrafts produced with natural materials themselves. Speaking about natural materials, these are basically Coffee, Ron, Honey and Straw.

The bartering culture is high there. Money is somewhat of a difficult issue in Cuba, as there are two currencies – one for the tourist (CUC) and one for the locals (CUP). Belonging to the less affluent countries, bartering is very common there. Francis went there with a valet full of cloth – and came home with none of them. Well, or let’s say – with completely different cloths. They want to barter everything with you, especially when it is branded cloths. On the way back, Francis valet was packed with bags and huts out of straw, a new pair of leather shoes and a lot of summer dresses.

Natural also because it rained a lot in Cuba. Of course the temperature was high, but sometimes the rain just would not stop. That of course did not stop Francis to go out with her Maxime Bag. Still, she sometimes was slightly scared weather the Maxime Bag would survive it. But somehow it always recovered.

And in the end, the holidays were also ‘natural’ because the four women got to know so many locals, lived in “Casas” which they shared with them and drunk a lot of Ron and Mojitos.

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