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Oriental Easter in Egypt

Easter in the Coutnry of the Pharaohs: Francis grabbed her Oriental Bag and went to Egypt all alone. The idea was to be for herself and enjoy. That is an easy task with Thalasso, the “healing power of the sea”. The term «Thalasso” goes back to the French physician Bonnardière, who in 1867 created the term using the greek words “Thalassia” (sea) and “Therapia” (therapy). Algae baths, underwater massages, algae packs, warmed sea water – the “Thalasso” therapy includes all forms of treatment that are possible with seawater. And this is exactly what is offered at the Westin Soma Bay Golf Resort and Spa on the Soma Bay peninsula. Francis as a wellness lover, who has already tried a lot of wellness therapies, is thrilled. Not having direct access to the beach, but having to accomplish a short walk to the beach pays off – and is gladly taken into account in exchange for excellent wellness treatments.

Talking about the sea and the beach, we move on to something more “Egypt-specific”: The red sea offers one of the most beautiful coral reef paradises on earth. Relatively warm water (all year above 20 degrees) and fine sandy beaches leading into the sea, as well as nice lagoons invite for a swim or for snorkeling. Another “Egypt-specific” highlight is of course its history: Trips to Luxor, camel rides and pyramids. The relicts of the ancient culture reminds of Kleopatra and the pharaohs and revive myths from the mighty empire.

But back to the well-being program: beach, thalasso therapies and – spices. Francis came home from Egypt with a wallet full of spices and teas. Among these, of course, hibiscus could be found. Hibiscus as loose goods, hibiscus in different teams, hibiscus everywhere. Well-known is for example “Karkadeh”, a cool drink that tastes like cherry juice and is especially drunk in the hot summer months.

Summa summarum, relaxing in Egypt is absolutely posssible, especially when adding “Thalasso” wellness treatments to clear sea, private sandy beaches and hibiscus, is absolutely possible. And for those interested in “Thalasso” treatments, the Westin Soma Bay Golf Resort and Spa can be recommended.

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